Ongoing Evaluation Studies

Sl. No Name of the evaluation study Department
1 Evaluation Study on Girl child protection Programme Social Welfare
2 Evaluation study on “Follow up of children who underwent cochlear implant surgery under Chief Minister’s comprehensive health insurance scheme in TamilNadu Health
3 TANII – “Design Development and Implementation of Unmanned Arial Vehicles for Disaster and Societal Application” during 2015-16 SDPC
4 Assessment of quality of public services provided by Commercial Taxes Department Commercial Tax
5 Evaluation of Assistance under Amalgamated Funds and Ex-service Personnel Benevolent Fund. Ex-serviceman
6 SADP – “Study on Impact of Water Harvesting Structures Created in SADP areas during 2016-17,2017-18 & 2018-19. SDPC
7 Study on Entrepreneurship Development Training (EDT) – Women Entrepreneurship – Self Employment, Issues, challenges and empowerment through Self Help Groups for Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of women. Women Development
8 Evaluation of existing Teacher Training Modules Education
9 Evaluation Study on Tamil Nadu Road Sector project Highways
10 Evaluation of National Creche Scheme. Social Welfare
11 Evaluation of Marriage Assistance Scheme. Social welfare
12 Evaluation of Puratchi Thalaivar M.G.R Nutritious Meal Programme. Social welfare
13 Evaluation of Beneficiary led construction component of Housing for all (HFA). Housing
14 Evaluate the impact among the Piranmalai Kallar Community children in terms of dropout, progress and educational attainment after schooling. BC&MBC Welfare
15 Evaluate the process and impact of the loan Assistance under Individual Term Loan and Micro Credit Loan Schemes for self Help Group under TAMCO for the year 2017-18 BC&MBC Welfare
16 Evaluate the process and impact on the GTL / NSS and Micro Credit Loan Schemes for Self Help Group under TABCEDCO. BC & MBC Welfare
17 Impact and outcome of Career guidance programme conducted by Department of Employment and Training to inmates of the School and College Hostels for the year 2016-17 & 2017-18. BC & MBC Welfare
18 Evaluate the need to open new School hostels in Rural / Urban areas and the need to convert school hostels in to college hostels. BC & MBC Welfare
19 Evaluation of Marketing of Handloom Products and functioning of Loom world. Handloom
20 Study on Objective vs. achievement / accomplishment of master plans for Chennai Metropolitan area, deficiencies and solutions. Housing & Urban Development
21 Evaluation of Online application system of CMDA and DTCP. Housing & Urban Development